The Land

This undeveloped finca (or farm/ranch) has 44+ hectares of fully titled land near the town of La Pintada.  It is located approximately 25 minutes to the Northwest of Penonome, in Panama’s province of Coclé. The property features a small creek, stunning views of the central mountain range, and has ample primary and secondary forest to accompany several perfect locations for building pads.   Access is easy as the property boarders the new road to the Minera mining region.  It is located close to the small town of La Pintada and the larger regional city of Penonome for easy access to services and shopping. Beaches are about a 40 minute drive away. The property enjoys a “micro climate” produced by the local mountains – bringing cooler temperatures and lower relative humidity.  The nearby Rio Hato International Airport is currently being built to service this thriving region.  Some parts of the property are fully mature forest that has never been cleared. Some areas were cleared many years ago for cattle, but have since grown back over with secondary growth.   There are many beautiful spots to enjoy the tranquility of the property:  a small stream, abundant birdlife and the forested areas are all to be treasured.


Possibly the most attractive feature of this property for the potential investor is its location relative to the Minera Panama copper mine project, which is being built in the mountains well to the north of this location. Minera Panama will be spending more than $6 billion dollars on infrastructure to build this new copper mine, and right now they are facing a critical housing shortage. The original development plan for this property called for it to be subdivided into several lots and sold as home sites for expatriates. An enterprising investor could potentially build smaller and more economical homes for mid and upper level mining executives and engineers, which could be quickly sold or rented to people working for the mining company. The Minera Panama mine is expected to be operational for 50 years or more.